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(The Studio will be closed during Spring Break April 1st- 6th)

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How the Smihty Clay Studio Works

  All instructional adult classes and full tuition Open Studio will include a 25# bag of clay (5 clay bodies to choose from), and access to studio tools such as sponges, trimming tools, and paint brushes. It also includes glazes, underglazes, and all Firing of your work.

Open Studio is the 💎 of the Smihty Studio because we offer huge Open Studio opportunities with four days every week and one low price. To sweeten the pot even more, we offer half-price if you add it to a class registration!

If you are unsure what class is right for you or have any questions, reach out to Kyle Pumilio our studio manager and he will take care of you! [email protected]

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Open Studio

Open Studio is open to experienced potters and clay artists for work on personal projects.  No instruction is provided. Students must have studio experience at our studio in order to join. Adults only, please!

Pricing: when offered
-- 8 Week Session: $180 includes a bag of clay

-- 6 Week Session: 140 includes a bag of clay

--  4 Week Session:  $90 includes a bag of clay

--  Drop-in Open Studio Fee: $30 clay not included

Open Studio Schedule:

Participants will have full access to the studio for the duration of the session at any of the times listed below. 

Monday  ................  1:30 - 4:30 pm
Wednesday  ........   1:30 - 4:30 pm
Thursday  .............  6:00 - 9:00 pm
Friday  ...................  1:30 - 4:30 pm

Register at [email protected]!

Bags of clay are available for purchase at the studio - Laguna $35/bag!

Glazing and firing fees are included in this price.

Kiln Rentals

We will be offering whole kiln rentals for people who do not wish to create work in the studio at this time.

If you wish to use clay or glaze not available from the studio, both must be approved by the studio manager prior to firing. We ask that you bring receipts or recipes for review and approval.  We reserve the right to deny firing if we deem it a risk to the equipment. 

Please contact Kyle Pumilio at [email protected] to arrange the time-frame for your kiln rental. 

Rent a Kiln

Small Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $35
    Glaze Firing Cone 6  -  $45

Large Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $45
    Glaze Firing Cone 6  -  $55 

 If you want to be on our email lists contact us at [email protected]

*We ask that everyone work together to keep our studio healthy and safe. With that said, we strongly advise anyone who is experiencing any Covid or flu-like symptoms to not attend class or open studio until it is safe to do so. Please err on the side of caution, and feel free to email the studio with any questions you may have about attending class or open studio.

*We appreciate your cooperation!