July 23 - August 31, 2024


Glass is everywhere in our lives, in countless ways. It is the stuff of sand, windows, roadways, and smart screens, fiber optic cables, insulation, mirrors, reading glasses, and light bulbs, even false eyes. For four thousand years we have been fascinated by the nature of this material: sand transformed by fire into a hot fluid liquid and then cooled into a transparent, optical, delicate wonder of light and color. Artists have used glass to create beautiful work from glass beads, jewelry, stained glass windows, ornamental vessels, decorative tableware, contemporary glass sculpture, etc.

Guest Artists:
Noelle Adamoscheck, Charlie Bremer, Karin Bremer, Fiona Dejardin, Paula Friedman, Roberta Griffith, Erik Halvorson, Lotus Glass Studio, Cynthia Marsh, Crystal Postighone, Wendy Reich, Chris Rochelle, Terry Slade, Tim Spurchise, Irene Szarek, David Wilson, and Trevor Wilson.